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    • The first half of 2014, who vowed in Hulijia efforts, Hulijia Group has made ​​remarkable achievements. This year is also the 20th year Hulijia established to further strengthen their cohesion, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, July 15, Hulijia commerce...

    • Shanghai industrial factory strictly implement the group work of production safetyrequirements, according to the plan in June 13, 2014 in Shanghai factory worker participation, actively coordinate the white crane fire squadron, Baihe hospitals werefactory fire emergency...

    • For the selection of the plastic material from the outstanding graduates, establish talent reserve team management, perfecting the talent within the company supply system. Further improve the care and good corporate image and external influence.

    • "Happy to share the love grow" healthy school activities twelfth station line came Zhoukou dancheng Chengjiao school. School educational philosophy simple but touching, AIDS village children timid eyes, face wronged children lost their parents, these heartbreak! Big Lov...

    • Sunny, according to Yang Xu fly, "share the love grow up happy" campaign group came Activities eleventh station: Luyi Wobei school. Luyi, Taoist sages ancestors Lier birth place; also a co-sponsor