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2014 Hulijia commerce meeting held in Luyi

Number of visits: Date:2014-07-21
     The first half of 2014, who vowed in Hulijia efforts, Hulijia Group has made ​​remarkable achievements. This year is also the 20th year Hulijia established to further strengthen their cohesion, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, July 15, Hulijia commerce meeting held in Luyi, company leaders and staff throughout attended the meeting. 
     Today, Hulijia who wore the red T-shirt, just as morale of the Red Shirts, gathered Luyi. Here, summing up the work and share experiences in the first half, the outlook in the second half, Hulijia people confident, full of fighting spirit. In the first half, from event planning, branding, marketing, customer care and other aspects of steady excellence, achieved strong growth, with practical action interpretation of what is Hulijia spirit. 
     Meeting, Hulijia commerce marketing, sales, channels, and other departments have done a report on the work in the first half 2014, to make a summary, actively sharing the work bit by bit, the effective sharing of experience to the regions, and made in recognition of outstanding employees in the first half. Hulijia people face job conscientiously sum up, actively share, with sincere gratitude to treat every consumer will pass positive energy to everyone around! 
     Finally, the chairman Xiashuangyin make concluding remarks, Hulijia people with practical, step by step through the spirit of 20 years, a sum up the courage to find good at the full perspective of the consumer business, will give consumers a high-quality product!

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