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Shanghai industrial factory to organize fire drill enhance emergency response capacity

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    Shanghai industrial factory strictly implement the group work of production safetyrequirements, according to the plan in June 13, 2014 in Shanghai factory worker participation, actively coordinate the white crane fire squadron, Baihe hospitals werefactory fire emergency drills.

    The exercise simulated 3 shop on fire danger, the personnel on duty to find the fireafter the first initial fire, the fire is too big to be extinguished, immediately and contact the police or fire squadron, seeking support. At 9:25 a.m., with notification talkies came workshop where the fire started, drill. Fire trucks, ambulances and rescuepersonnel rushed to the fire scene in 90 seconds, in the exercise of personnel in accordance with the plans quickly to work, their duties.

The personnel on duty found after the fire, immediately in accordance with theShanghai HULIJIA industry limited company fire emergency evacuation, evacuationworkshop employees, between the orderly evacuation out of the train. And in the fire engines rushed to the front, actively organize the initial fire. Firefighters rushed to thescene after the fire, rapidly into the process of fire, fire with water cannon to fire siteon fire, firefighters wearing insulated clothing under the cover of the gun, braved thesmoke into the workshop, to rescue trapped personnel, after five minutes, simulation of the fire was completely extinguished, the injured properly treated. The fire disposal process, medical and rescue personnel have been on standby at the scene. By cooperation between the departments, the fire drill ended smoothly, participated in the training of personnel to clean up the scene, the training evaluation by the on scene commander. And the fire personnel to explain the usage of fire extinguisher, and a field guide to Shanghai factory employees how to use fire-fighting equipment, improve the fire safety knowledge you.

    The Shanghai factory fire drill simulating burst fire danger, which participated in the training department, personnel can master the fire rescue and emergency treatment process, improve the ability of emergency disposal factory, raising the stakes for safeoperation.




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