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Hulijia group "future star" training camp

Number of visits: Date:2014-06-17

    For the selection of the plastic material from the outstanding graduates, establish talent reserve team management, perfecting the talent within the company supply system. Further improve the care and good corporate image and external influence. In 2014 the better nursing group launched the "future star" training camp, the management trainee program. Expected after 1-2 years of training, so that they grow into high-quality compound talents both business background, and management experience and ability, to meet the rapid development of better nursing group talentreserve demand. In June 7th, the first phase of the management trainee training camp in Henan HULIJIA industry factory opening. Group CEO Wu Yong, group director of human resources Jiang Yulin, trading company sales director Zhang Jingan attended.

    The first phase of the management trainee training camp for actual situation ofgraduates, through better nursing human resources policy interpretation, the exchange of experience and experiential training, help them better understand better nursing strategy for enterprise development and their own occupation planning, the future development of the road to establish more clearly.

    Wu Yong of president of group of students first thank, I hope to learn good, good lifeduring the training, and puts forward some expectations on work and positioning the students future, hope you keep it low, broaden horizons, invigorated thinking, hard-working hands and feet. In a more pragmatic attitude, to better nursing group family.

    Next, the group human resources director Jiang Yulin introduced the management trainee training camp on the background, training content and schedule, and stressed, the management trainee is better nursing talent reserve pool, I hope everyone can according to their own characteristics, properly planning their own development path, contribute to the development of better nursing enterprise.

    Trading company sales director Zhang Jingan focusing on interpretation of the basicpolicy of sales management better nursing enterprise, and answer a number ofstudents to the trainees questions. And share the experience I had in the group oftrainees, to encourage everyone to be diligent in thinking in the work, and actively take the initiative to do the work.

    It is understood, the management trainee training camp will be for a period of one week, students will be in accordance with the quality, are assigned to the channel development department, market department internship for two months, allparticipants will expire according to the assessment results of certificate management,certificate. According to the results of examination results and summary reportappraisal ranking, the selection of outstanding students of the first three as this training course of "future star" and reward, and awarded the "future star" certificates and prizes.

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